Minor consent form

Below are links to multiple platforms for you to download the minor consent form. This form is necessary for ANY 13-17-year old to attend any GYC Carolina event. 



SENT Conference faq sheet

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. I’m gluten free, or have another special dietary restriction or food allergy. Will there be gluten free options for meals? 

-Yes! We are happy to provide gluten free options for meals. This will not cost extra, so just let us know before you go through line, and we'll get gluten free food for you.

2. What is the dress code? 

-Business casual, conservative on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. Dress your best for Sabbath! Bring comfortable shoes and warm coats for outreach Sabbath afternoon!

3. I’m under 13 and my friend’s mom said I can come with them. Is that ok? 

-We are sorry but we cannot allow children under age 13 to attend without their parent or legal guardian being registered and attending with them. 

4. Who is 4His Glory? I saw they are doing the concert Sabbath. 

-Check out their website at 4hisglorymusic.org! 4HisGlory is a music group based out of Missouri, and they travel around the nation praising God in music. You will be blessed abundantly by Michael, Logan, and Shalyn!

5. What is outreach Sabbath afternoon?

-We will be going door-to-door for approximately 30-45 minutes to distribute GLOW tracts (glowcentral.com), and pray with our neighbors. Please contact our registration team at info.gyccarolina@gmail.com if you have any questions!

6. I’m over age 35, can I still come? 

-While GYCC is targeted for ages 13-35, we would love for you to attend! However, we cannot offer lodging at the church to those over 35. 

7. How do I register a group? 

-Contact our registration team for more info!

8. What meals are available for purchase? 

-Friday breakfast, lunch, and supper. Sabbath breakfast. Sunday breakfast. Sabbath lunch is graciously being offered by the Arden church as a potluck. Sabbath supper will be a light potluck style meal with the following theme: Popcorn, fruit salad, and PP&J sandwiches. Please bring items to contribute, or donate to help offset the cost! 

9. I would like to sponsor an attendee or make a donation to help cover costs associated with the conference. How do I do that? 

-Make check payable to Arden SDA. GYC Carolina in memo line. List address. 

10. Can I attend on Sabbath if I haven’t registered? 

- Yes, all are welcome to attend Sabbath & we encourage you to come Friday night if you are able! Please bring food to contribute to our potluck style supper Sabbath evening (fruit salad & PP&J ingredients, etc.). We'll have a donation jar at the supper line for those who prefer to make that contribution instead.

11. Where can I find the schedule?

- Simply click HERE to open the schedule in Google Drive! 

12. Who is sponsoring this conference? 

-GYC (gycweb.org), GYC Carolina, a regional affiliate of GYC, and the Arden Adventist Church (ardenadventist.com) are the conference sponsors. A very big thank you to them!

13. My child wants to attend! What do they need do bring?

-We suggest your child brings

  • A sleeping bag
  • A sleeping pad
  • Bible
  • Jacket
  • Flashlight
  • Shower shoes
  • Modest clothes 

SENT registration policy sheet

SENT: September 21-24, 2017

After reading this page, if you still have any questions, please email us at info.gyccarolina@gmail.com, and Austin (registration team leader) will respond within 24 hours.


$10.00 flat rate (includes programming Thursday-Sunday) We are very sorry, but we cannot split registration costs for individual days, due to the already low price. $4.00 per meal, 5 meals available. $15.00 on-site registration. $5.00 per meal onsite registration.

General Registration Facts:

We at GYCC have done as much as we can to reduce the costs for you. However, your registration costs go toward speaker expenses, since they are traveling far to serve us. If you cannot attend the whole conference, there is no need to register or pay the $10.00 fee, but we will have a donation jar at our check-in booth to help offset the speaker costs. We are sorry that we cannot offer lodging at the church to non-registered attendees, but there are many area hotels available. We look forward to seeing you, no matter how short or long your stay!

If you are 13-17, we ask that you and your guardian fill out the minor consent form HERE, and mail it with your registration check to

GYC Carolina

368 Fanning Bridge Rd.

Fletcher, NC  28732

We ask that all checks and minor consent forms be postmarked September 14th or earlier. If you cannot make that date, we ask you register onsite.

Late/onsite Registration:

Again, we offer onsite/late registration for those who cannot register before hand. Onsite/late registration will cost $15.00 per person, plus $5 per meal. However, we cannot guarantee lodging to onsite registerers, due to limited space. 

Onsite registration will be open from September 21 at 3 pm until September 22 at 7 pm. Onsite and late registrations are not guaranteed meals. $5.00 each onsite.

Age Policy:

GYCC is targeted to ages 13-25. Ages 13-17 can attend with a signed minor consent form. 12 and under must have a parent accompany them and register with them. Ages 10 and under are free with a parent registered but childcare is not provided.


The Arden Adventist Church has offered the use of their facilities for lodging. Lodging is included in online registration costs. Again, however, we cannot guarantee lodging to onsite registerers. Any available lodging will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis. 


Prices for meals are stated above in the "Prices" category. All meals will be vegetarian with vegan options. We are very sorry we cannot accommodate any other dietary needs.