2018 Service Opportunity Report

Macaela Strother serves unofficially with GYC Carolina. She has a heart of service and loves people. She is currently a junior in high school at Tri-City Adventist Academy in High Point, North Carolina.

GYC Carolina was blessed to have recently wrapped up its first ever mission project. Around fifteen young people and sponsors from North and South Carolina were able to serve in the community of McCreary County, Kentucky. Participants were able to take part in several different service projects alongside the McFeeters family and their existing ministry. Participants were able form relationships with each other and grow closer to Christ through this mission experience.

Volunteers were able to take part in projects such as painting the home of an elderly man, doing yard work at the homes of several elderly women, cleaning out a rat-infested home, fixing a major leak in the main water line of the Stearns Seventh-day Adventist Church, and hosting VBS for the children of the Monticello Seventh-Day Adventist Church. It was amazing to see everyone on the trip quickly learn how to work well with each other and to watch as new friendships were formed. As a result of Christ-centered attitudes, the know-how of several sponsors, and the grace of God, the group was able to finish five projects in just two and a half days as well as concluding a successful and very fun Vacation Bible School!

Another way participants were able to serve was by working along Kristina and Daniel McFeeters in their ministry. Kristina McFeeters serves the community of Whitley City, the county seat, by running a vegetarian cafe called Kristina’s Kitchen. She serves vegetarian meals, holds monthly cooking classes, and maintains a delivery route every Thursday. She along with her husband are very active in their local churches as Pastor Daniel is the pastor of four churches in the area. Volunteers were blessed to be able to work alongside them in the restaurant as well as in the community.  

As the trip came to a close it was evident that God was moving in the hearts of everyone who went. Many hearts were touched, including the hearts of those who went on the trip, and it was amazing to see the relationships and the impact that was made on everyone involved in this trip community members and participants alike.