Campmeeting Outreach 2018

"Outreach didn’t look promising, but the driving rain only served to widen our smiles as we all got soaked running to the buses. All of the youth talks had succeeded in kindling a renewed amazement in me at Christ’s love and I could hardly wait to find someone new to share it with. Once my partner and I hopped off the bus we took a look at our street. A couple houses that no one was at, and then this sketchy apartment complex whose presence suddenly filled us with doubt. Are you sure this is our street? Do we really need to do that particular building? You know my phone just died; what happens if we get shot or something? We finally went on with doubts still doing laps in our brains. We plastered pleasant looks across our faces as we waited for the first door to open. We were met by a lady whose acceptance to everything we offered melted our facade and replaced it with genuine joy. She wanted Bible studies! And she wasn’t the only one. To think we could have missed the opportunity to share just because we took our focus off of God and fixated on our surroundings. Thankfully He still chooses to work on and through us little humans. :)