Take These Words

Being an upper class-man in high school, there are many times each day when it seems as if the school will never end and there is no silver lining to this cloud hanging over me. It gets pretty discouraging to spend two hours on Algebra Two, only to move right along to Chemistry for another couple hours with no break in between.

Then out of the blue, I get a text. The basic gist was, “I appreciate how you stick with your responsibilities and don't give up.” Very simple. Very short. But it made a world of a difference. It gave me new energy, new focus. That person will never know how much that text helped. I tried to tell them, but the way words affect someone stay in that person’s own little emotional room that no one else can enter. The furniture in that room can only be seen by the owner, but the affect of words is profound.

A pond, flat with no movement is not nearly as gorgeous as a pond rippled by a small pebble tossed in by a child’s playful hand. As that child tosses the rock in, ripples spread and spread and spread, causing the water to shimmer and shine and sparkle. The child has little comprehension of the affect of the little stone, but oh, are those ripples beautiful! As my life is the first little ring in that ripple, it’s inevitable that I have to pass it on. Without even realizing it, I encourage someone. In turn, they encourage someone else. As the message of joy spreads, our circles of influence are turned upside down and we experience peace and contentment. 


“So take these words

Make them strong and true

Make me a vessel,

A vessel for you


And take these arms

Make them strong and true

To show Your love

Your love to them.”


-Austin Bates