All Alone

Eran Bates is the Vice President of Programming for GYC Carolina. She lives in Western North Carolina where she has a passion for serving Christ and encouraging others in their walk with Him.


When was the last time you stood in a cloud? I don’t mean the last time you stood at the top of a mountain with the wind pulling away your breath and the fog swirling around you making you seem like the only person in the world. I mean, when was the last time you felt like a cloud came down on your mind and you felt like the only one in the dark?

I’m sure that if you’re not in the cloud right now, you have been recently. As humans in a painful world, we often spend months in those clouds, groping about for a familiar had to grab while the earth shakes under our feet. But it’s dark, and by all appearances we are all alone.

At these moments even the companionship of the God who walks beside you seems to disappear into the misty recesses of your imagination. That God you spoke with, cried with, laughed with only weeks ago is invisible. And that last hope for comfort evaporates in the fog. 

Jesus knew that cloud. He hung on a cross surrounded by hatred, and a physical cloud fell on Him. It hid the faces of the ones who loved Him. But worst of all, that cloud blacked out the One who had never failed Him. For the first time in eternity, God was invisible to His Son. 

But here in the cloud is God’s presence, nearer than ever before. “God and His holy angels were beside the cross. The Father was with the Son.” (Desire of Ages, 754) He leans close to the Man on the cross, but only the cloud veils His presence. 


When was the last time you stood in a cloud, your eyes dark and hands groping for someone to hold? Are you there now, asking where He is who said He’d never leave you? He’s right there, closer than He ever was before. he tells you He won’t be going anywhere. He’ll still be near when the sun comes up.