GYC//Louisville.2015 a testimony

GYC 2015 had my hopes high. Feeling spiritually exhausted, I needed a boost only the Holy Spirit could give. But as the devil does, he threw many distractions in my path. And to be honest, the first two days had me hanging low and disappointed. So with determination to receive a blessing, I prayed sabbath would truly touch my heart and those around me. God gave me what I least expected.

Empowered by Taj Pacleb's devotional, I was surprised when we moved into sabbath school. I had thought that was the sabbath school. But apparently not. The speaker stepped on stage and announced that all cameras and recording be turned off. The content he was about to share was not open to the public. That immediately grabbed my attention. What was he about to share?

The rest of the hour, I was glued to every word he spoke. The compassion and mission he had for the un-reached people groups was inspiring. I had already planned to be a missionary, but not in those areas. Not in areas that so easily threatened lives. Christian lives. Story after story, the Holy Spirit pressed upon my heart. And I knew it was coming, the appeal to go. My heart raced, my body sweated, and my stomach turned in knots. The conviction was strong and I could do nothing else but stand and make my way to the front.

I knelt with others who pledged their lives, even if it meant martyrdom. In many ways I felt alone. But in other ways, I felt peace. I didn't expect this. Yes I had asked God to lead me in my future before coming, but this? I didn't expect Him to pin point it so well.

Not everyone understands why I would make such a "sacrifice." Why not stay here? America is filled with lost souls. And I guess my response to that is, "that's why your here." It's true I don't know where this will lead. But I know who is leading me. God made a way for me to go to GYC. If I hadn't gone, I wouldn't have experienced that sabbath school, that path change. When we pray and join other likeminded believers, Gods power is limitless! And if you let Him, He will change your life. 

-Bethany Sheridan