GYC//Louisville.2015 a testimony

Joshua Young serves as the unofficial Vice President of Logistics for GYC Carolina. His energy and positive outlook on life brings encouragement to the team!


Louisville 2015 was my first GYC. It truly was one of the greatest blessings in my life. Every sermon & seminar I attended was very insightful & helpful in one form or another. During the entire event through sermons, seminars, & encounters, nearly every question I had pertaining to life & my walk with Christ was answered. There were many ideals & philosophies I followed that were shattered during GYC. Though that is painful, it took away the illusions and false ideas I had believed were helping me grow closer to God but were in fact hindering my relationship with Him. Though I still have a few unanswered questions from before GYC and new ones that have come up since, I have gained a clearer view of the direction I should go in serving the Lord. GYC was very much needed in helping me gain a deeper relationship with Christ and greater understanding of God.     

-Joshua Young