GYC//Louisville.2015 a testimony

GYC 2015: What an incredible blessing! 


Several highlights:

Change of scenery/environment

Spiritual revival/strengthening

Fellowship with like-minded believers

Networking opportunities for ministry

Catching up with friends from everywhere!

Exhibits full of exciting opportunities

Powerful, challenging sermons

Volunteering/joy in service



My first GYC was in 2005. I was 17, and a family from church invited me to attend with them. It was very last minute, and I was a bit skeptical about what GYC was. They insisted that I would like it, and so I found myself standing in the registration line a few days later. As I looked around, I realized that I had never seen so many Adventist young people in all my life! It didn’t take long for me to realize that these were no ordinary young people. It was like I had discovered a hidden subculture in Adventism that I never knew existed! These young people were on fire! They were committing to lives of radical service without compromise. I was inspired, challenged, and excited. The next year at GYC, I stood up for an appeal that would change the direction of my life as I made a commitment to get training and serve in ministry. 


For me, GYC is more than an annual conference. There are those who would call it that, and dismiss it as unimportant, or just another youth event. But what they are missing is that GYC is not an event, but a movement. GYC represents a generation. A generation of young people who are unsatisfied with average, who love Jesus supremely, and who want to go home. 


This is the reason I still attend GYC. This is also the reason I volunteer at GYC. This is why we organized a local GYC chapter in Carolina. Young people want to know the reasons for our beliefs. They want a deeper walk with God. They want to learn how to share Jesus with others. They want to live a life that matters in eternity. 


Outreach was an incredible experience for me this year. Not because I had amazing miracle stories to share on stage or anything like that. It was an incredible experience because I got to spend over 3 hours in the freezing cold with a 15 year old girl who had never knocked on doors before. In fact, this was her first GYC. And she was excited! That got me excited! She reminded me so much of myself at that age. God answered our prayers and we found many warm and receptive hearts. Suddenly she exclaimed, “People could be in heaven because of what we are doing right now!” I smiled and said, “Exactly.”


If you were not able to attend GYC, I would encourage you to watch the YouTube videos, which are posted under GYC resources. The seminar audio will be available soon at and


-Brittainy Brown