2018 Service Opportunity Report

Macaela Strother serves unofficially with GYC Carolina. She has a heart of service and loves people. She is currently a junior in high school at Tri-City Adventist Academy in High Point, North Carolina.

“GYC Carolina was blessed to have recently wrapped up its first ever mission project. Around fifteen young people and sponsors from North and South Carolina were able to serve in the community of McCreary County, Kentucky. Participants were able to take part in several different service projects alongside the McFeeters family and their existing ministry. Participants were able form relationships with each other and grow closer to Christ through this mission experience.”

Campmeeting Outreach 2018

Laura Gibbs is a senior at Fletcher Academy in North Carolina. She is organized and friendly, usually working behind the scenes. She has a passion for Jesus and working with people.

"Outreach didn’t look promising, but the driving rain only served to widen our smiles as we all got soaked running to the buses. All of the youth talks had succeeded in kindling a renewed amazement in me at Christ’s love and I could hardly wait to find someone new to share it with.”

All Alone

Eran Bates is the Vice President of Programming for GYC Carolina. She lives in North Carolina where she has a passion for serving Christ and encouraging others in their walks with Him.


"But here in the cloud is God’s presence, nearer than ever before. “God and His holy angels were beside the cross. The Father was with the Son.” (Desire of Ages, 754) He leans close to the Man on the cross, but only the cloud veils His presence."

Take These Words

Austin Bates is the Assistant to the President for GYC Carolina. He lives in Western North Carolina where he studies, works, and records music.


"Without even realizing it, I encourage someone. In turn, they encourage someone else. As the message of joy spreads, our circles of influence are turned upside down and we experience peace and contentment."

GYC//Louisville.2015 a testimony

Bethany Sheridan is the Vice President of Evangelism for GYC Carolina. She lives in Western North Carolina where she is senior class pastor of her school, and spreads the love of Christ wherever she goes.


"I knew it was coming, the appeal to go. My heart raced, my body sweated, and my stomach turned in knots. The conviction was strong and I could do nothing else but stand and make my way to the front."

GYC//Louisville.2015 a testimony

Joshua Young serves as the unofficial Vice President of Logistics for GYC Carolina. His energy and positive outlook on life brings encouragement to the team!


Louisville 2015 was my first GYC. It truly was one of the greatest blessings in my life. Every sermon & seminar I attended was very insightful & helpful in one form or another. During the entire event through sermons, seminars, & encounters, nearly every question I had pertaining to life & my walk with Christ was answered. There were many ideals & philosophies I followed that were shattered during GYC. Though that is painful, it took away the illusions and false ideas I had believed were helping me grow closer to God but were in fact hindering my relationship with Him. Though I still have a few unanswered questions from before GYC and new ones that have come up since, I have gained a clearer view of the direction I should go in serving the Lord. GYC was very much needed in helping me gain a deeper relationship with Christ and greater understanding of God.     

-Joshua Young

GYC//Louisville.2015 a testimony

Brittainy Brown serves as the President of GYC Carolina. Her servant leadership is a true example to the rest of the team.


"For me, GYC is more than an annual conference. There are those who would call it that, and dismiss it as unimportant, or just another youth event. But what they are missing is that GYC is not an event, but a movement. GYC represents a generation. A generation of young people who are unsatisfied with average, who love Jesus supremely, and who want to go home."

GYC pre-conference is happening again!!!

GYC Pre-Conference Canvassing is happening again this year in Louisville, Kentucky. Last year God did amazing things as we knocked on 100,000 doors! This year even greater things are going to happen! Join us from December 25-30 as we receive training and practice experience on how to reach the world in this generation! Those who participate will receive free registration to GYC.

Before the stage is set up and the exhibit halls are filled, we’re inviting a select group of people to join us for 5 full days of training and outreach. We’ll start with a weekend of revival and then hit the ground running as we go door to door in the greater Louisville area. Meals and housing will be provided, as will the materials needed for outreach. All we need is you.

article credit: gycweb.org     


The Lord's Leading...

  The Lord has been leading in so many wonderful ways! We are nearing the end of the GYC affiliation process which we have been looking forward to for nearly two years! Praise the Lord! GYCC will again help coordinate outreach day at the Carolina Conference Camp meeting this month. Please continue to keep GYCC in your prayers!